Ford Motor Company recently announced that it’ll seize the assembly of vehicles in India soon. Manufacturing operations for the Indian car market have already stopped, but it’ll continue for a short time for exports. As per reports, the EcoSport is about to be discontinued within the American market as a result, slated to happen round the middle of next year.

Now, these analysts are right that the EcoSport was never right for America, mainly because it’s “Eco” in its name, but also because it isn’t a $40,000 SUV. they’re also right that sales were tepid — Ford has sold just 32,697 EcoSports here thus far this year, down 22 percent from an equivalent period last year.

In the US market, sales of the EcoSport weren’t too hot, with only 60,545 units sold through everything of 2020. The Bronco Sport, which sits just above the EcoSport within the manufacturer’s range, has far better sales performance already, despite being a comparatively new product. As such, the choice to axe the EcoSport is definitely understandable. Ford EcoSport was first unveiled within the US back in late 2016, but went on sale much later, in early 2018. At launch, it had been available with two engine options – a 1.0L turbocharged gasoline unit and a 2.0L naturally-aspirated gasoline unit. The latter got an AWD option also , with FWD configuration offered as standard. The EcoSport will still be produced in Romania for the ecu market though.

Meanwhile, Europe will still get its supply from a factory in Romania with no plans to prevent , spokesman Said Deep told the press .

While the itty bitty SUV captured the hearts of some, that love isn’t enough to continue production within the U.S., where it only entered the market at the top of 2017.

“Ecosport was never really a fit the American consumer,” said Maeva Ribas, manager of design research and strategy at The CARLAB Inc., an automotive product planning consulting group based in southern California.

“Ford is simply rectifying a misconception. Ecosport doesn’t belong within the U.S.,” she said.

Others expressed an identical lackluster response.

“The demise of the Ford EcoSport within the U.S. comes as no surprise. it’s made in India, where Ford has been winding down its business,” said Michelle Krebs, executive analyst for the web marketplace “Plus, the EcoSport was never a robust seller. It didn’t qualify to some very tough competition within the subcompact SUV segment.”

“It was one among the simplest sellers in Brazil and very competitive and desirable and successful. But Ford never did anything to update it,” said Brauer, executive analyst at, a car listing and data site.

“And it went from being one among the simplest selling cars in Brazil to being outsold by all of its competitors. After it had become non-competitive in Brazil, Ford brought it here — to the U.S. It just can’t compete during this market,” he said.

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